E.T. Where Are You?

Cited: MSNBC

If E.T. is indeed out there, where is he, she, it? Technology on Earth has advanced to the point that our telescopes such as the Kepler Observatory are able to detect planetary objects orbiting stars in far off regions of space and we find more of them every year as our ability to reach further and further into the universe also grows.

At a recent meeting of the smartest of the smart at the Mathematical Association of America, in Boston, mathematician Thomas Hair of Florida Gulf Coast University, presented a paper in which he postulates that either E.T. isn’t out there after all or if he is, he is avoiding Earth.

In his research, Hair concludes that societies on planets much older than Earth would have had more than enough time to evolve and to develop the technology necessary to probe out into the universe, as we do now, and during that time to be able to slowly move further and further with colonies and ships that could reach Earth.

Based on his research, Hair concludes that if there are intelligent alien life forms on planets much older than earth, they must be passing us by in their exploration of the universe. Hair offers the opinion that if we are being ignored it could very well be because these advanced beings really don’t need anything that we have on Earth, so in essence, we aren’t worth the trip.

Hair also notes that if there is intelligent life in space that they would have no problem at all in detecting life on our planet. Simple analysis of the chemicals floating around our atmosphere alone would give far away E.T.s all the evidence they need that life exists here, if not necessarily the most intelligent life.

The other possibility is that perhaps intelligent life on other planets doesn’t exist, that life as we know it is very, very rare and that if life exists elsewhere, it can’t travel to Earth in spaceships;  not yet anyway.


My take:

Very interesting alternate take on the whole subject considering that almost everyone believes that if there are billions of stars and planets that alone must mean that intelligent life exists in the universe. There is a book called Rare Earth that speculates that perhaps we may very well be alone?


Other Resources

New Devices and Software Options

One of the issues with introducing new devices into a company is the fact that such items might not have an especially large number of programs available at the start of their release which means that the necessary programs for a particular business might not be usable on some of the company devices. Other types of software are generally available for many new types of devices such as auditing software and tracking software that can help a company keep track of things like expenditures, time spent on various projects and the necessary changes required within the budget between quarterly investigations.

Upgrading Server Space

There are a number of different and positive options regarding the expansion and upgrading of various server configurations for average sized businesses and when considering which colocation providers to purchase space from, one of the issues is usually going to be just how much that company is going to allow regarding upgrades and expansion. If a company is rather small and doesn’t need a tremendous amount of space, going with a smaller provider might be just fine even if there are issues requiring expansion later.

Outsourcing Recovery Options

For anyone who is concerned with the level of recovery offered by various types of recovery options, it’s likely that there are different results that come from Oklahoma City hard drive recovery versus the type of recovery that might be handled in house. For the majority of digital operations, there are some built in recovery options available, but if a company hasn’t focused upon creating the right sort of backup plan in-house, it’s likely that obtaining a third party backup option might actually be less expensive in the long run since the investments will be the responsibility of the hired company.

Rihanna and Chris and Mixing

After a brawl that left them both bruised, the relationship between singers Rihanna and Chris Brown was never the same and much of the music world sided with Rihanna when Chris was made to face police charges regarding the fight. But it would appear as though there has been a bit of music mixing handled on one of their songs and this hasn’t gone over well with all of their fans. Some people have remained significantly in Rihanna’s court and haven’t wanted to see any other collaboration between her and Brown but apparently the remix was Rihanna’s idea.


Where Do Women Earn the Highest Pay?

Cited: MSNBC

Women have struggled from day one to earn the same pay as a man for doing the same job. And to some extent they have made great strides in bridging the pay gap, especially for some jobs. Part of the issue is that pay for everyone varies from state to state so it’s not always easy to draw a straight line comparison between wages, a wage earners in the same job, but doing it in different places.

The same goes for women in the workplace. Where you work can make a big difference in how much you are paid. To find out just where the ladies can earn the most Forbes conducted a survey using data from the 2010 American Community Survey conducted by the U.S. Census Bureau.  From this survey, Forbes extracted data on average earnings for full-time, year-round workers in big cities across the United States.

The findings of the Forbes probe into the data finds that San Jose, California is the best city to work in if you are a lady with the average salary of $67,052 per year for full-time workers. On the other hand, the worst paying city in the U.S. for the ladies was McAllen, Texas with an annual average salary of $31,287.

California as a whole turned out to be the best state for female workers is with of the top twenty cities in the survey located in California. A good many of these jobs were in highly skilled areas like engineering, computer programming, and other such industries where salary and wages are higher because of the skills required to do the job; not to mention the high cost of living in these cities, which is also a factor in looking at pay scales across the country.

The nation’s capital, Washington D.C. placed third on the list with an average annual salary of $64,779, with up to 25% of the ladies survey working for the government.

Cities in the Northeast also fared well for paying women on par with their male counterparts, to some extent owing to the large number of colleges and universities in the area contributing to the better education of the workforce. On the other hand, those cities where women are still struggling to catch up are in those places where unskilled or less-skilled labor is involved.


My take:

It is always good to read about surveys like this just to see how things are progressing with progressive issues such as equal pay in the workforce for various groups, including but not limited to women. You have to believe that companies know that they are somewhat under a microscope when it comes to these issues and that the cost of discrimination will be much higher than doing the right thing in the first place.


Other Resources

Today’s Device Recovery Options

The number of storage devices that an individual or business might have which are digital and store information in a hard drive or other similar format is usually pretty significant and it’s not uncommon for an individual to simply buy another device when one stops working. But this isn’t always the case for RAID recovery as the information stored within a server is usually more important or susceptible to issues of being expensive just to set up. This is why it’s a good idea to have recovery options in place before any issues occur so that things can get back to normal quickly.

Newer Systems versus Maintenance on ACs

There have been some nice upgrades in recent years regarding the energy efficiency level of air conditioning units and for many home owners, this has meant a new Marion County Florida AC installation because such options have been so attractive regarding the money savings on energy such upgrades have represented. But it’s important to note that even though new systems are such that they offer better savings overall on energy spending, it’s still important to consider that maintenance is required of such systems if they are to remain in good condition for the duration of their lifetime.

Over-Enthusiastic Yard Designs

There are certainly a lot of options for individuals who are looking to make their lawn look terrific, but it’s definitely the case that anyone seeking the right sort of lawn design who doesn’t have experience as an actual landscaping designer should contact a Bergen County landscaping designer because an individual who has no experience in making a yard look great can certainly go completely overboard with the transformation. Sometimes a yard doesn’t need a ton of things to look great and it’s just a general cleaning up of excess plants and vegetation that is needed.

Conducting Business on a Plane

One interesting facet of airline travel these days is the fact that airlines of all stripes are becoming increasingly aware that people never really stop doing work these days and that any time that a busy person has to be disconnected from reality on a LA private jet charter they are losing valuable time. This is why it’s usually a good idea to look into which charters offer a number of communication options for individuals on the flight whether it’s through satellite phones or internet access. Fortunately these communication options are becoming quite standard on modern jet flights.


Starbucks Expands in India

Cited: MSNBC

Starbucks has long maintained that it wants to have a coffee shop on every corner, and a quick look around the neighborhood is all the evidence you need that they are working hard on achieving that goal. And now, the omnipresent coffee enterprise wants to be on every street corner in India too; or at least a lot of street corners in India.

In conjunction with Tata Global Beverages, and working under the corporate name Tata Starbucks Ltd., the company says that they intend to open at least 50 new locations in India by the end of 2012. The move is seen as the company recognizing that incomes of workers in India have been rising for time and that many of this new affluent working class will want to enjoy the benefits of their new-found riches in purchasing some indulgent pleasures, such as a Starbucks coffee and many of its other specialty coffee products.

The first new outlet is scheduled to open in Mumbai or New Delhi, two huge cities in India where Tata Starbucks believes that the stores hugely popular with the working people of these cities. India in general has always been known for its teas and for being a country that predominately drinks tea. However, as of late the popularity of coffee, even outside of southern regions of India where coffee has always been popular, has been growing by leaps and bounds with over 1600 cafes springing up across the country from just 700 a few years ago.

The group will look to open the new café outlets in various locations across the country but in particular in properties owned by the Taj group so as to overcome the problem of the extremely high cost of real estate in India, which would make the opening of new businesses cost prohibitive. Starbucks says it will open the new stores in shopping malls, office parks, universities, airports, and train stations in order to maximize the potential for the stores and to grow the brand in India.  The group also plans on developing a tea product particularly for the Indian market.

The partnership with Tata is seen by Starbucks as the ideal way to overcome many of the problems that they would encounter in trying to set up shop in India on their own. Currently Starbucks operates 17,000 stores in 57 countries around the world.


My take:

The Starbucks train keeps on rolling and rolling. I for one just don’t get it. I don’t really like their coffee, the lines are usually too long in their cafes and the prices for everything except a regular coffee are way, way too high. What do I know? They must be doing something right.


Other Resources

Encouraging Volleyball Play

There are many sports that a parent can get their child interested in while they’re young and often the best way to figure out what type of sport a person might want to play when they are still a child is to get them interested in a variety of sports and then when they settle on something the particularly like, to start investing time into that sport. For example, it’s usually a good idea to look into finding out ways to obtain a child’s volleyball set if that child likes volleyball a lot or investing in a baseball bat if they enjoy playing baseball.

Expanding Flexibility and Improving Health

One of the interesting side effects of engaging in Pilates on a regular basis is that the significant amount of work done on flexibility may actually make it easier for people who have things like arthritis and other movement impairing issues to walk around when they watch and perform to their Pilates DVD on a regular basis. Anyone who is looking for a great way to tone the body in a method that has been proven by many huge names in the exercise business should consider enhancing their health and flexibility through Pilates as it is much more than a passing fad.


Difficult Getting Murderers Back in Jail

Cited: CNN

Among the many convicted criminals pardoned by outgoing Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour are four convicted murderers, and now attempts to get them back in prison will be harder than ever.

There are civil suits pending that could have the four men returned to prison but it won’t be easy nor will it be easy to track down the men, who have be free since January 8 of this year. For instance, convicted killer Joseph Ozment was recently located in Wyoming by law enforcement officials that were trying to locate him to serve him with a civil document advising him about the suit against the pardons and his requirement to be at the hearings.

However, armed with a document saying that he is indeed a free man, authorities cannot treat Ozment as though he is an escaped prisoner and if he decides to skip the hearing, the most that a judge can do is to hold him in contempt.

In fact, Ozment didn’t show up at the first hearing and another Mississippi judge is scheduled to hear the case challenging the pardons again this week. If Ozment doesn’t show up again there is little the courts can do to force him to appear, especially if he goes on the run.

Families of the victims of the crimes committed by these four murderers are still in shock that former Governor Barbour could have pardoned these men after having committed such cold blooded crimes and being sentenced to long times behind bars without parole. They fear that if these men fear that the courts could overturn the pardons and return them to jail, in their desperation to stay out of jail, they might revert back to the dangerous ways and commit more violent crimes to stay out of prison.

Attorney General of Mississippi, Jim Hood said that all four men had influential ties to the Republican Party in Mississippi and he does not discount the possibility that Governor Barbour’s pardons were politically motivated.  At this point he also says that it will be very difficult to get these men back behind bars and that the outgoing governor Barbour ran the office like it was Mississippi back in the 1950’s.


My take:

Just when you thought that things were getting a little better and that individual political figures had to be accountable to the people they serve here is Haley Barbour showing that Big Boss politics is still the way many local governments are run. I would love for Barbour to have to serve time himself doing community service in the prison for making such a stupid decision and in doing so, putting the public at risk.


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Recounting Events Regarding Injury

Understanding how best to make sure that a personal injury case is going to go the way it needs to regarding the offense and defense of various subjects is certainly not the easiest thing to do and often an individual who feels he or she might need to consult a Denver Colorado personal injury attorney would be best served by the opportunity to speak with that individual early in what might be a potential case because recounting events exactly as they happened and preserving that account is vital to the success of the case in later segments.

Marriage Bills Hit Government

There have been some rather contentious fights around the United States regarding marriage and while the institution of marriage has been in the headlines a lot because of fights over same sex marriage, the number of people going through a Florida divorce has continued to rise despite these other arguments regarding marriage. And this has brought some interesting bills into congress that some people feel would reduce the number of divorces. One proposal is to have a waiting period placed on marriage licenses so that people won’t rush into marriage and make a mistake by getting married at the last minute.

Discrimination Based on Gender

One of the issues that has impacted workers in New York is that of gender discrimination and in an interesting case it would seem that a high profile case has gotten a lot of attention from Carle Place employment lawyers and others in the industry because of the fact that male members of a crew were fired from a show because the on air talent for the show preferred to work with women. The men who were fired decided that they had been let go even though New York State employment law would otherwise suggest that they couldn’t be fired for their gender.

Different Injuries and Different Compensation

When a person has experienced an injury where they believe the cause of such an injury should be placed upon a certain individual, business or other entity, it would be up to a Kent WA personal injury lawyer to negotiate a settlement if possible and decide what type of strategy to use in court if the circumstances ever got to that point. For individuals who are otherwise confused as to the process that might be used within the overall settlement process or trial, it’s not hard to understand why a legal degree is all but required for such circumstances.

Elements of Separation for Divorce

There are some difficult issues that come about with divorce and many people who have not been through the process before don’t understand that it’s actually a very difficult thing to go through because it’s not just a separation of individuals, it’s a separation of everything from the emotional bond tying a couple together to every aspect of their financial lives such as homes, properties and cars. A Morris County divorce lawyer will likely have no issue negotiating the separation of items, but it is always a significant emotional burden for anyone involved in such dealings.

Standardized Written Contracts

Most major construction outfits have a significant number of different individuals involved in their projects and it’s not that uncommon for Denver CO construction attorneys to be involved in each project. And one issue that does seem to impact the industry is a lack of updating when it comes to important construction projects and issues that tend to come about during various contract proposals that seem to have all the same verbiage on every single project. It’s fairly important to look into standard contracts and always make sure they’re appropriate for a specific project and that updating occurs on a regular basis.

Importance of Research

When a person has a vehicle that has required extensive repairs and it’s been difficult to get that vehicle to work correctly outside of the mechanic’s shop, it’s often been fairly important to speak to a Orange County lemon law attorney early in the process of figuring out whether a vehicle might be a lemon because the overall process can end up being a rather difficult one to get through if the proper repairs haven’t been done on a regular basis and good records haven’t been kept. Legal assistance can make sure that the process is done correctly.

Going to a Professional

One of the interesting things about tax issues that a person might have which may require the participation in court is the fact that sometimes a person can actually choose to be their own legal representative with the courts and this is not actually an uncommon occurrence. But it’s generally considered more intelligent to consider utilizing a tax attorney when it’s time to speak with the government about a potential legal tax issue because a lawyer who has specialized in such matters will not much more about the intricacies of dealing with the government’s tax laws.


Rollercoaster Ride Causes Stroke

Cited: MSNBC

A ride on a rollercoaster can be quite a harrowing experience. For some people it’s tough to work up the nerve to get on one in the first place. For others, they jump in with both feet and the bigger, the steeper, the wilder, the better. However for one young man his rollercoaster ride had some unforeseen consequences, especially for a 22 year old, healthy man.

Two weeks after riding the rollercoaster, the young man started having weird symptoms that he could not quite explain. From dizziness and nausea, to headaches and trouble finding his balance, the man couldn’t figure it out. The symptoms got so bad that he went to the emergency room to get help.

After ruling out a host of possible causes, doctors did an MRI on the man’s brain and found that one side of his brain was swollen and that the reason was from a tear in an artery feeding blood to the part of his brain that controlled equilibrium, balance, and coordination. The doctors placed the blame for the brain problem on the rollercoaster ride the man had taken two weeks prior to the onset of the symptoms.

A blood clot had formed near the tear in the artery and then moved into a critical area of the brain, causing a mild stroke. The shaking motion from the rollercoaster ride must have jarred the man’s neck enough to cause the tear and then the symptoms that followed.

Doctors believe that it took two weeks for the symptoms to develop and then become a problem probably because the tear in the artery was very tiny and it took much longer for the clot to form and then move into his brain.


My take:

I always figured that rollercoasters were dangerous but I never thought of this kind of danger. I’m definitely not telling my wife about this story because I can almost never get her to take a ride on one when we go to the amusement park and if she hears about this she’ll never go on another rollercoaster.


Other Resources

Different Educations in Therapy

There are many routes to becoming a counselor or psychologist and while most individuals working in such a field will have a type of bachelor’s degree in a social science such as psychology or even sociology, sometimes a Douglas Manor New York counseling expert will go on to obtain a Ph.D in psychology where they will complete a doctorate degree and become a licensed psychologist. Alternatively, a person may consider obtaining a master’s degree in psychology and these individuals may become licensed psychologist as well and will be able to work in a variety of different facets of mental health care.

Surgical Help for Uterine Issues

The uterus is a complex area of the female body and there are many significant issues that may impact the health of a woman if she is susceptible to things like diabetes or thyroid disease. There are an amazing number of issues that can become quite dangerous if they are left untreated and may eventually require a Long Island robotic hysterectomy if they are not investigated and treated. Issues that may impact the health of the uterus include things like fibroids, polyps and endometriosis. Many uterine conditions are treatable but only if a person gets regular screenings for such issues.

Famous Dentists in History

There are famous people in just about every profession, but for the most part there aren’t a lot of people who can name famous dentists from the past even if they’re working as a Springfield VA cosmetic dentist today.  Real life dentists who led quite interesting lives are not that uncommon, however, and one interesting personality is that of Amalia Assur who lived for much of the nineteenth century and was considered the first woman to practice dentistry in Sweden and may have also been the first woman in all of Europe to practice dentistry as a profession.


Public or Private Sector? Who to Work For

Cited: CNN

There are definite advantages to working for the public sector, the government, versus the private sector, and visa-versa. And these days, with so many local, state, and federal agencies and departments that used to be a good source of stable jobs for many American workers now under severe budget constraints, the opportunities in both have become less and less.

In trying to examine which sector of the economy offers the best opportunity one thing to consider is education levels. A recent study by the Congressional Budget Office found that people working for the federal government who have a master’s degree or less are better compensated than the same workers in the private sector. On the other hand, those with advanced degrees, professional degrees, and doctorate degrees will fare much better in the private sector than the public sector insofar as compensation for their work.

Workers in both groups with a bachelor’s degree only were paid about the same but those working in the federal government got much better benefits than their counterparts in the private sector.  For those workers without the benefit of higher education behind them, the public sector is the way to go with workers receiving on average 21% higher pay than those under-educated workers in the private sector. And the benefits packages are extremely more desirable at over 72% better than those offered in the private sector.

Those workers with advanced degrees or professional degrees such as lawyers on the other hand don’t fare quite as well when working for the government, making on average 23% less than their peers in the private sector.

Head of the NTEU, the largest independent union for public sector workers, Colleen Kelly, disagreed with the finds of the CBO, citing other studies that indicate that public sector workers make on average 26% less than those working in the private sector.

The CBO does acknowledge that they used a different methodology in their study and that their assessment of the value of benefits packages was not as certain as their review of the wages for each group. The study by the CBO was requested by Sen. Jeff Sessions for the Senate Budget Committee .

Federal pay and benefits has become a controversial issue with the federal budget in such a mess so the NTEU is concerned that lawmakers will use this study as an opportunity to cut federal pay and benefits as well as turning the discussion into another political chess match.


My take:

Working for the federal government versus the private sector usually means taking a little less pay for a more secure job with better benefits. However, if the CBO study is correct, this might not be the case and is different depending on your education…meaning the type of job you are qualified for in each. I can see where this will turn out to be another political throw down with Republicans arguing that the number of federal workers should be cut and the jobs handed out to the private sector.


Other Resources

Playing on Different Surfaces

When playing tennis there are some important methods that should be utilized to ensure that a player does not receive a particular type of injury after swinging a tennis racket wrongly or performing serves incorrectly. Some people might think that the type of surface on which a indoor tennis court construction has been created might impact a player’s joints as well but generally the type of surface on which a tennis player serves is not the biggest indicator of a particular type of injury that might result from improper play during a tennis game or during practice.

Consequences of Tax Issues

Although going to jail due to tax issues really isn’t that common and is usually something that is reserved for only the most serious of tax evasion or even lying to the government, it’s still quite a good idea to consult with a tax lawyer when figuring out different tax issues because it’s not really that unexpected that someone might end up having to deal with difficult issues that are complex to digest and might be completely confusing to anyone who hasn’t otherwise been trained to read the rulings and laws of the Internal Revenue Service.

Materials in Flame Retardant Clothing

There are some interesting materials that go into making items that are considered flame retardant and those chemicals include some minerals such as aluminum hydroxide and magnesium hydroxide along with chemicals such as hydromagnesite and red phosphorus. Many chemicals go into the various different types of flame resistant clothing options out there and are created in such a way that they don’t even appear to have been made with different chemicals and simply look like they’ve been made with a regular sewing machine or other large manufacturing clothing options that any mass produced clothing might come out of.

Jurisdictions of Criminal Law

There are a significant number of different options for people who want to learn about the law but one thing to remember is that depending on the type of crime for which a person has had to retain Redwood City criminal attorneys, there might be different jurisdictions that might come into play. Certain crimes do dictate involvement from things like the city, the county or laws at a federal level. And different jurisdictions often require or create different punishments for various crimes and sometimes a person might even be tried both at a state and federal level.


Shortcomings of No Child Left Behind

Cited: Fox News.com

The education policy known as “No Child Left Behind” has been a source of hope for a better outcome for our fledgling school system as well as a source of controversy for all that the plan entails and how to best implement the proposals nationwide.

A recent review of the program by the U.S. Department of Education finds that one of the major short-comings of No Child Left behind continues to be that state school boards aren’t doing enough to make sure that schools are held accountable for the performance of their students.

Nearly every application reviewed by the Obama Administration’s department of education was shown to be lacking in setting lofty goals as well as a plan and process for reaching out to the students found to be the most in need of assistance. Many of the states were also criticized for failing to provide incentives deemed necessary to help close the gap between students that were moving ahead and those seeming to be falling backwards.

The results have lawmakers concerned that the goal of the program are now being lost and that the entire plan should be overhauled in light of the evidence gathered over several years of being in place.

Some of the evidence giving education experts the most cause for concern comes from reports that in several states students requiring the most attention, such as those still learning English, were not getting adequate attention while in others the state plan had no process for intervening with student groups based on graduation rates. In other states, the performance rates of entire groups of students was completely overlooked and therefore not in compliance with the dictates of No Child Left Behind.

The revelations about state compliance with the education policy came as eleven states requested waivers for their schools, which are under consideration now by the Department of Education.

The goal of No Child Left Behind is to have all students proficient in math and reading by 2014; a goal which is far from being met and therefore can subject the states and schools to penalties for not reaching these goals. As that deadline draws closer, the states are all lining up for waivers from the feds, with the first eleven being, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Indiana, Kentucky, Oklahoma, Massachusetts, Minnesota, New Jersey, New Mexico, and Tennessee.

The schools hope to have the feds judge their schools based on only two groups, not all of the separate groups that the law is intended to address. So now they would like to be judged based on all students and a disadvantaged group. Presently the law is designed to close the gap between various disadvantaged groups such as disabled, Hispanic, African-American, etc. If a school has even one of those groups not meeting the standard they could be labeled as failing and subject to penalty.

Other states are said to be waiting in the wings to see what happens with the waiver requests submitted by the first eleven before they also request that the feds review and change some of the criteria in No Child Left Behind.


My take:

It seems like a huge undertaking for a school system that is fundamentally flawed at its core.  Perhaps the criteria needs to change to give states and their schools a better chance to find ways to reach all of these under-achieving groups other than simply closing schools. If you close the school, where are these kids going to go.


Other Resources

Getting a Fantastic Basement

One of the interesting things about having a basement redone is the fact that it’s sometimes possible to get reductions on the price of certain implements that would be installed by a Denver Colorado basement finishing if that home owner agrees to have pictures taken of their residence inside the refurbished area or is otherwise willing to sit down with marketing or investigatory individuals associated with the manufacturer of a particular new product or option that is being offered to the public as a part of what they can do to remake their home and create an inviting basement space.

Protecting Assets in Divorce

There are some difficult decisions that must often be placed on the table during a divorce and one of the most obvious contentions regards the funds that are a part of the couple’s life and this is where a Cedar Park TX divorce law attorney would negotiate with the opposing counsel as to how the funds should and will be divided. Interestingly, there is usually some debate on this score even if a prenuptial agreement has been signed which in and of itself does not provide for a clean cut divorce all of the time.


China Overtakes US In Many Industries

Cited: MSNBC

It’s not news that China is the 800 pound gorilla in the room when it comes to a lot of things lately, especially finance and business. The Chinese economy, and it’s reach into every industry imaginable, is growing at a pace that even defies the most optimistic predictions by Chinese government officials.  And while it will be a little while before China’s GDP surpasses that of the United States, China is currently the second largest economy in the world with an annual GDP of $6.5 trillion, with many of its key business sectors taking over the top spot in the world from its partners in the West.

One of the main reasons cited for the incredible growth experienced in the Chinese economy is their supply of cheap, skilled labor. The U.S. and other countries in the developed economies of the world are unable to compete with China when it comes to the cost of labor and therefore many foreign companies come to China to produce their products.  China is not the leading producer of steel in the world as well as the biggest car maker, most of which is accounted for because of their readily available supply of cheap labor.

China is also the largest country in the world and not its 1.3 billion citizens are enjoying the benefits of steady work, one result being the emergence of a middle class in China. This is turning many Chinese citizens into consumers of products made in China and elsewhere. Chinese consumers are now the engines of growth in many local industries that have sprung up in recent years on the back of the economic boom in China.

One of the strongest industries in China, where they have gained the top spot is the manufacture of steel. In 2010 China produced over 627 million metric tons of steel compared to 80 million by the U.S. Coming in a distant second in world steel production is Japan at 110 million metric tons.

Cotton is also another industry where China is tops in the world, with over 7.3 million metric tons grown and processed in 2011. Finance is also another area where the Chinese are making their presence felt with IPO’s totaling $73 billion in 2011. The U.S. was second in IPO’s in 2011 with $30.7 billion.

Rounding out the rest of the field in which China is the big dog on the block are in production of tobacco, automobiles, beer, high tech exports, and in coal production.


My take:

You have to expect that a country the size of China would soon take over in many key areas of economic production, especially considering that they are so flush with capital from their exports all over the world. Rising living standards in China is a good thing and with the right policies, their population could become consumers of other countries products.


Other Resources

Choosing LED Lights

One option for store owners these days is to replace their current lighting options with more energy efficient types of lights and recently this has meant considering a frames display that includes CFL or compact fluorescent light bulbs which last much longer on average than regular bulbs that might be of an incandescent variety. Of course, if a company is interested in spending some additional money there is also the option of LED lights or light emitting diode style lighting which can offer lights that actually last up to ten years when they are installed properly.

Using Different Gloves

Although people who live in warmer areas might not consider that they would need different types of gloves for various types of weather, it’s important to note that getting a pair of Kinco gloves that’s rated for light use might not be the same type of gloves that would be required in the dead of winter where snow and cold and ice was everywhere. This means that for people in colder areas who might need to use gloves for a longer time might do well to obtain a few different pairs that are designed for different temperatures.complex.